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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Superbowl party

Super Bowl 48 is tomorrow and if you don't already have your party all planned then you need to get on it!  Here are a few essentials to help you out.

1. Decorations are a must.
It's all about the little details.  For the Superbowl you can go minimal on the decor but throw in a pennant banner of the team your supporting and a few cutout footballs and your good to go.

2. Snacks
The snacks are what really make a party for me... other than the great company.  For the Superbowl I always like to do tailgate food.  Chips and dip, little cocktail weenies (super easy and yummy), maybe some wings, and of course the perfect football desert!

3. Fan wear
Sport your favorite seahawks or broncos T and cheer loud.

What are your predictions for the game?

Superbowl party

Superbowl party by molly-johnson-kucginski featuring home decor

Cocktail weenie recipe:
One package of little smokie sausages, one jar of grape jelly, and one jar of cocktail sauce.  Mix all three together in a crockpot and warm.  This is so super easy and a complete crowd pleaser.  Enjoy!

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