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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's been Quite a Trip 2013

Well... as this year is wrapping up I've been thinking over how many blessings that B and I have been given during this last year.  We have moved back to Arkansas, are living in our first "real" home, and I graduated dental hygiene school just to name a few.  Now hang on to your hat and prepare for a whirlwind through our lives over this past 2013!

We brought are sweet faced fur baby back to our home in Memphis and began to settle into life as a family of three!  We had a blast disturbing our neighbors with chasing her around the living room and still think often of those many trips up and down those three flights of stairs to go potty.

Wow! What really happened to my month of February?  I'm not quite sure... O wait! That's right.  I was neck deep studying for my dental hygiene national board exam.  This wasn't the funnest time in my life but It got me to where I wanted to be.
Those very LONG three months of studying finally paid off.  I found out that I passed my national board exam and B took me to see Florida Georgia Line to celebrate.

In April we began our slow move back to Arkansas... one box at a time.  We began to paint and make minor improvements to our home and then B finally moved back officially at the end of April.  Before he moved we spent a night with his company at a redbirds game! We had a blast eating the finest BBQ in Memphis and cheering on Freeze as he rehabbed with the farm team.
This day was monumental!! After 2 very LONG hard years I graduated with My BS in dental hygiene!  After graduating I made the move back to Arkansas.

We celebrated our first anniversary by climbing pinnacle mountain. The view from the top was gorgeous.  My BFF also married her high school sweetheart.  I was so proud to stand by her that day!
We celebrated the Fourth of July in the Cayman Islands with my family.  Even though my brother was still in class we did get to see him everyday.

I got to meet one of my favorite artist, Tracy Lawrence

Mine and B's coed softball team won third place in our division.  We had the best time playing with these folks.

B and I celebrated, HARD, a big Red Sox World Series victory.  Our precious Tippy Tutu also celebrated her first birthday! 

Ok... So I celebrated my 25 birthday this month and apparently I completed failed in documenting anything about this blessed event.

B turned 25!!  We had a blast during this month decorating our home together and celebrating Christmas as a first time family of three!
I hope y'all had as great of a 2013 as I did and I hope that you have a wonderful new year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Date Night: Dashing Through the Snow Editio

Before I get to rolling here.... Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Saviour!

So, are y'all ready for the last date night idea in this series?  

Ok... I didn't really mean for this post to turn into a three part series but to keep the post from being 25 chapters long I decided that it would probably be best to shorten a single post into three separates.  Ok ok you caught me! I also had selfish reasons for separating the date night post into three posts.  I haven't blogged in awhile and once I got going for date night fantabulous ideas.... I couldn't stop.

So now for Dashing Through the Snow.

The greatest thing has happened in Little Rock this year!  From November to March Wild Water Country (the water park in Little Rock) has transformed into Wild Winter Country.  

What?!!!  Yea you heard me!

You can snow tube, build a snowman, visit with Santa, and make s'mores. 

I have not been yet but it's a definite on my to do date list!

So for this date:

Book in advance, online, if you intend to snow tube..  This was highly recommended on their website so that you will be ensured a tubing time.

Bundle up because there is now snow in Arkansas.  
Grab your down coat, Ugg boots,  a warm scarf, and cute ear muffs because a beautiful snow requires such a FAB attire, right?

Make it a double or group date?
Wild Winter country also offers to host parties for snow tubing.  How fun would this be with a group of friends?

For more information on how to book your fabulous Dashing Through the Snow Date click HERE

I hope Y'all have enjoyed these holiday themed date ideas as much as I have enjoyed blogging about them.

Now what are you waiting for?  Get on it and plan your fabulous Holidate!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Date Night: One Horse Open Sleigh Edition


So in the Natural State you probably will not be dashing through the snow in a little gem like above.  But if you are in a more northern state, that does get snow, there are a TON of places that you can take actual sleigh rides.

However, if you call one of the great southern states home there are many great alternatives to a sleigh ride!  I used Bing to locate many horse and carriage services in my area.  In central Arkansas, alone, there are at least a dozen services.  Many of them are readily available in downtown Little Rock and will take you on a tour through the river market.  I also located many services in Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.  Both of these cities are precious gems in the Natural State!

So for this date night...

Find a carriage or sleigh ride service near you.  Book in advance if this option is available.  Grab a fluffy blanket (I've noticed that some carriages do have blankets... but lets be honest.. do you really know who's been wrapped in it) alrighty... with that point proven don't forget to BYOB (bring your own blanket).

Grab a Starbucks for the ride.  There's just something happy about a hot red cup of hot chocolate or the perfect latte.

Now just cuddle up and enjoy the scenery! 

Check back soon for Date Night: Dashing through the snow edition

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hey y'all!
Today I'm linking up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup.  Go drop by and show her a little love!
Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite holiday season tradition?  Every year on Christmas eve my family lights this old railroad lantern... AKA the "Santa Claus lantern".  My Meme's dad did this for her when she was young. They lived out in the country and she was afraid that Santa wouldn't be able to find their house.  She and my Nooner carried on the tradition for my daddy and my parents did it for my brother and I.  We still light it every year and hang it outside so that Santa can find us.

2. Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others? If so what is it? Theres so many movies that I will watch multiple times but my two favorites are Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.  Are you ready for that 24 hour marathon?

3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have.  Isn't this white ostrich feather tree just fabulous?  This is a must at some point!

4. What is your favorite holiday song?  O Holy Night... I cry just about every time I hear it.

5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?  Well it's more of a candy but I love my moms pecan brittle.

6. What is on your wish list this year? A Smith and Wesson body guard (check.... best hubby award goes to Mr. B). Some books on tape for my commute to work.  Maybe they aren't "books on tape" anymore.... books on CD? Books on MP3? Books on iTunes? Well whatever they are I've asked for them! lol

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Card Edition

We hope that you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.  Enjoy time with family and many cups of hot chocolate adorned with tons of mini marshmallows.  But in all the rush and twinkling lights remember the soul meaning of why we celebrate.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.  Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas from the K's and have a very happy new year!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tis the Season for a Christmas Date Night!!

If your like me... this time of year is a tad crazy and you might often find yourself balancing, spinning, and conquering at least 35 different things at once.  But in all of the hullabaloo don't forget to take a minute to stope and stare at the lights..... or plan an awesome date night!!!

Here are some awesome Christmas themed date ideas for the thrifty financially conscious or for a night out of the house Have I done all of these, well no but I'd sure love to!

The Holiday Inn

Sometimes my favorite date nights are the ones spent at home.  These can be so much fun... not dressing up or fixing your hair ladies!!

Christmas pajamas are a necessity for this date so bust out those flannels or your fuzzy pink bunny onesie and cuddle up for the night.

Plan a fun Christmas snack to make together. I found this super easy "fool proof" recipe on pinterest.  
 White Christmas Snack Mix

This White Christmas snack mix is a definite guarantee to make your date night sweet and it's so simple.

Plan a movie marathon.  Pick out your favorite Christmas movies, make some hot chocolate, grab a bowl of white Christmas snack mix and bundle up for the ultimate Christmas movie marathon.  
Here is my ultimate Christmas movie marathon list:

I love this movie line up because you have a great selection of classics but always a few of my favorite Christmas comedies to give a light happy hearted feel to your night.

I hope you enjoy your Holiday Inn date night!! Check back again for the Christmas date night: One Horse Open Sleigh edition!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas is HERE!!!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year!!! 

I love how cheery everything is and LOVE to spend time with family!!
I also fully embrace the commercialism of decorating.....  Wrong?

I don't think so as long as you remember what we truly celebrate this time of year!

Here is a little preview of the little cheery pretties around our home!

Our tree is peacock themed....

I've used a mixture of blue, lime, and accents in gold

I used a crown topper as well and glittered sticks and the peacock stems, seen above, to complete the topper for the tree.

I used regular garland for our mantle.
It is accented in purple lights and trimmed with green, red, and yellow, plaid deco mesh.

Deco mesh is such a GREAT and super easy filler.... and it adds SO SO much!!

Our stockings are hung by these super cute hangers that I found at TJ MAXX!!
(the glitter is a bit messy but is so cute and reflects the light from the Christmas lights!

How Happy!!

I made this ornament Christmas banner originally for our mantle.... then later realized that I couldn't hang our stockings with it on the mantle.

It says "Christ is born"

It now hangs over the entry way into our dining room.

Our dining room decorations

This is one of my favorite new additions this year!!
My mother-in-law found this precious Christmas village for me!

And it looks absolutely wonderful on our buffet!!

Our Kitchen table!

I love keeping the table set during the holidays!

I mean.... I only get to use these dishes for one month out of the year!
I want to be able to see them all the time!!
No sense in keeping all of them put up in the cabinet. 

I found this cute Santa pedestal bowl at Sam's last year!
It makes for a great center piece!

I've placed a candle down into the bowl as well as my Christmas serving wear!

This is one of the happiest pieces in our home!
I used a string of LED multicolored lights and embellished it in a very happy, brightly striped, deco mesh!!
Which now adorns our happy yellow hutch!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my vintage porcelain tree!!
And it looks fab on my kitchen counter.

No home is complete without mistletoe!!

 Since we've FINALLY, well almost, completed B's "man room" I decided it needed a tree too!!
Plus... the room has a window that could display the tree! lol

So B got his Razorback/sports tree!!

I used a plain red deco mesh and also a red and black striped deco mesh.
I put it on the tree in a spiral fashion so maybe it looks a bit more manly.

I've so enjoyed all of our trees and decorations this year!! 
I LOVE LOVE decorating and can't wait to add some more glitz and glitter next year!!

Dont' forget that Jesus is a only reason we celebrate Christmas!
I hope your Christmas is incredibly wonderful and filled with the true blessings that this seasons brings!!