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Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Review

Happy Monday Y'all!!  I hope your week is kicking off on the right foot.  This past weekend B and I celebrated our second Valentines day as a married couple.  As I mentioned here, I am not the biggest fan of the "holiday" so I asked B for a "low key" valentines.  Nothing big, no gifts, no expensive flowers (they aren't in the budget), basically no big fuss.  

Guess what?  We had a great time not rushing around to make reservations or struggling to decide on plans.  We did celebrate together though.  We took our sweet Tippy Tutu to PetSmart to get a new "friend".  She picked this sweet little pink elephant named, Nancy.  

Even though I requested a low key valentines that in no way meant that we weren't going to have dinner.  I mean we have to eat and I was not about to cook.  Disclaimer: Y'all I do cook.... just not this past Friday.  So it was either go out or sandwiches.  

So we went out to eat.  We FINALLY found somewhere to eat without a 2 hour wait... Go us!!  Then we went to see The Monuments Men.  Highly recommend it!!  
Thankful for self timers 

Yesterday the weather was so nice! I think the temperature topped out at around 60!! HEAT WAVE!  We took advantage of the gorgeous day to the fullest.  After church we split our first bucket of golf balls of the season.  We both hit pretty well for not having swung a club in months and of course went "twinks" and both rocked our USA pullovers.

Lastly, did y'all see Meryl Davis' and Charlie White's ice dancing routine?!  OH MY GOODNESS!  I felt so graceful just sitting on my couch watching.  It was so incredibly gorgeous and was set to music from my favorite musical, My Fair Lady.

This video is not from the Sochi Olympics but it is the same routine.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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