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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Transitioning

All this gorgeous weather we've had this past weekend has made me so excited for spring and for the new wardrobe that it brings.  Transitioning my wardrobe into spring is ALWAYS very awkward for me though.  Seriously, every year I struggle with the same thing.   I'm cold in the early mornings but by the afternoon its warm.  If I dress in whats comfortable for morning then by the afternoon I'm dripping sweat and it's just not practical to go through two outfits a day.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Here are a few great ideas for a smooth transition.

 Layering with a jean jacket or cardigan is great for transitioning from cool mornings to warm afternoons.  Truly staple pieces for every girls closet.

Light colored skinnys.  Sometimes spring days are still too cool for dresses or skirts.  So pair a great pair of skinny jeans with a cute cool top and layer with your jean jacket.

If you know me at all you know that I'm a hat, headband, fascinator, head accessory person.  I absolutely love fun spring/summer hats.  They work great to help manage fussy hair on a breezy spring day.

Peep toes are a perfect shoe for the springs season.  My feet always stay so cold, unless in uggs.  Peep toe pumps are a great way to show off a little polish and still maintain a little warmth.

Grab a fun clutch and some fun jewelry to add a pop of color and your set.

Spring Transitioning

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