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Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Don't Cost a Thing

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and guess what?  I have not even began to think about what to get for B.  So this afternoon I started to brainstorm then I started to google.  I could not find anything that did not seem overpriced and to put it mildly, very incredibly cheesy.  Why spend a ton on things that he will never wear, use, or may not even like?  So that's the point when I started thinking about gifts that won't break the bank and that he will really enjoy.

1.  Create a coupon book
Make him a custom coupon booklet filled with his favorite things.  Free back rubs, a guys night out, and his favorite dinner.  This is a super simple and completely inexpensive or free way to show him that you care about him.  Just remember that these do not require an expiration date.

2.  Trip to the driving range
Take him to the local driving range and split a bucket of balls with him.  Now if your love hates golf then totally skip #2.  B loves to go to the range and he amazingly loves it even more when I tag along.  A bucket of balls is under $25.  Split a bucket of balls and bond over back swings and driving distance.

3.  Make his favorite meal candlelight style
Set up your dining room table, light candles, and make this valentines dinner the best yet.  Although I don think that making reservations is a very romantic gesture.... is there really a better place for romance than the home where you share your lives?  This is a super inexpensive way to have a wonderful and romantic valentines dinner.

4.  Bake sweet goodies
Bake your hunnies favorite treat and surprise him by bringing him these little happies to work!  For B its supreme brownies and what hubby doesn't love a spontaneous surprise at work.

What are your favorite gift ideas this year?  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Since today is the kick off to my work week lets hit this week off with a great start!!  glitter and pearls
Everyday is a lot better with with just a little bit of sparkle!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Be the Encourager

I'm not the most deliberate person when it comes to being the cheerleader in my marriage.  Ok that sounds really bad.  Please do not take it as that I do not encourage my husband at all I'm merely openly and vulnerably saying that I could improve in this area.  Can't we all?

Lately I've found myself allowing my life to be completely ran by work, housework, trying to make more time, and mostly the budget.  I've been so transfixed on balancing my envelopes and pinching pennies that I've allowed so many moments to lift up my husband to simply waste away.  Now you won't ever EVER hear me say any derogatory word about B.

I believe that in a marriage it is so important to not only encourage your partner but more importantly NEVER tear them down.  What kind of message does that to send to others?  It is not about creating a perfect marriage image but simply following a command from God.

Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

These past several days God has really laid being the encourager on my heart.  Y'all I seriously have the MOST amazing husband!!  He not only worked 12 hours on Friday but then he turned around and got up Saturday morning at 4:30 to work a wrestling tournament to pick up a few extra hours.  It doesn't stop there either... as I'm typing he is still in the middle of his 12 hour day which will continue for the rest of this week.  12 hour shifts all week!  I seriously married Superman.

The sacrifice is that I don't get to see to see my Clark Kent as much as I would like and trust me I can be really selfish with his time.  But what an amazing opportunity this gives me.  While he is out busting his bootay and making that monay  I can be here at home praying for him and lifting him up.  This is definitely a situation that I would've seen as a huge negative a year ago but God has transformed me to see it as a positive.

So with February, the love month,  just around the corner  my challenge for myself and for y'all is to be the deliberate encourager in your relationship.  A little "you go Glen Coco" can go a LONG way girls!!  (B always laughs at me when Mean Girls quotes)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Need Some Sunshine

Y'all, today I am completely longing for summer and warm weather.  I'm way over the "polar vortex".  I know that life here in Arkansas is nothing compared to what the Northern states are experiencing but Arkansas is not used to/prepared for the weather we have had.  Ok ok maybe it's just me who is not prepared for it.

Every Arkansan knows that Arkansas weather is notorious for not being able to make up it's mind but this season it has escalated to an entirely different level.  12 degrees one day and 60 the next.  Hello!! No wonder I'm congested and everyone else in the state is sick.

I need some sunshine and some warm weather pronto!  Just check out how gorgeous it is in the Caymans.
For those of y'all who don't know my brother is in veterinary school in the Cayman Islands.  Super jealous?  Yea me too!  It's not like he's living up life soaking up rays on the sand but still... he's not wearing a goose down jacket to take Tippy out to potty.

These are a few of the little lovelies that i'm wishing for along with warm weather.  Nothing says summer and suntan like bright colors, monograms, and big brim hats!

What are some of your wishes for this summer?

Wishing for Warm Weather

Friday, January 24, 2014

Marvel + Leg Warmers

So after a long week of work and working a half day today I had the great idea to do a OOTD post.  I haven't worn any "real clothes" all week and honestly just wanted to feel slightly normal again.

Definition: "real clothes" includes any article of clothing not being scrubs or sweats.

So here is how this post went in my mind... Ok well the readers digest version anyway.  In scrubs and sweats all week and want to be in real clothes but still want to feel comfortable at home.  It is 20 something degrees today so I also want to be warm.  I picked one of my favorite sweatshirts and paired them with a pair of leg warmers and my fur Ugg boots.

In a nutshell there you have it.  Then I asked B if he would take some picture of me (we all know how that self timer worked out for me... WOOF).  He was less than thrilled but was a good sport and supported my vanity.

This is the point where the OOTD post in my head went awry.  B went from merely playing the role of button pusher to thinking he was a world class photographer.  Between the "work it work it" and "yea baby" the post idea that was in my head slowly and pleasantly fell apart.

So this post did not come out how I originally planned but the final product has my stamp of approval all over it!  Both B and I had a blast in my little mini photo session and Tippy had an absolute ball being chased around the yard.  Trust me the evidence of all her fun is now on my floors, rugs, and furniture!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recycling Christmas

So I am probably one of the biggest procrastinators in the world when it comes to doing something that I really really really do not want to do.  I mean Y'all I have mastered it to a fine art!

Me: Hi my name is Molly and I am a procrastinator....
You: Hi Molly

Ok now that I've exposed the real issue let me get to it.  So It was January 20 and I still had Christmas lights on my house and our front door was also still adorned in all of it's Christmas glory.  Ok before you judge too hard grab a glass of tea and let me explain.  All of my indoor trees and decor was all boxed up and in the attic it was just the outside... you know the part that everyone who drives down the street can see.  My de-decorating strategy was a tad bit backwards.  In my defense it has been so cold here and super super windy.  Ok not like North of the Mason Dixon cold but it's been really cold for Arkansas.

Anywho,  Monday was such a nice day here... HELLO 60 degrees!!!  So B got the icicle lights off the house and I started on the front door.  Took the bows and lights off the garland and put away my snowman door mat but in the process I found some deco mesh that I had from years ago!  It's light pink and red striped.... So of course it made me think of Valentines day!

I decided to leave my garland up around our front door and use it as a base to weave the deco mesh into.
Tippy was very upset that she wasn't outside with me.  So she photo bombed.

I also found a light up heart that I bought at Walgreens for my dorm when I was in college.  Did I mention that I'm also a bit of a hoarder? No? Ok... forget I said anything that's a post for another day.

Back on track now.  The heart!!  I wired the heart  into the corner of the garland just to add a little accent.

Not too shabby for a procrastinator.  Also, I'm now taking offers for anyone who wants the take this down when February is over.... Please and Thank you!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Change is a Good Thing

Well y'all... I've finally done it!  After blogging, sporadically and haphazardly, for nearly 4 years I have finally made a concrete decision about what kind of blog I am.  As much as I love style blogs and would love to be one I just can't.  I just do not think that I have the stamina for it.

Since I've gotten married my life has changed from (slightly) care free college girl to a part time dental hygienist/house wife, chef of the house, and interior designer.  Throw money manager, budget keeper, and sometime "fun sucker" (as B calls me) into the mix too.

So... Drum roll.....   I am a Lifestyle Blogger!!

Now that I've finally stuck a label on this little package I need y'alls help!


Ok now that I've given you a lesson in the multiple translations of the word Attention and have gotten WAY of subject.

I would like to eventually transition from blogger to wordpress.  My only drawback right now is that I do not know how to do it myself and I haven't yet worked my having someone do it for me into the budget yet.  Stay with me alright? This next part is where you come in.

So, when trying to purchase a domain name I realized that apparently every other person in the continental U.S. also loves Scarlett O'hara and the phrase "Fiddle-dee-dee".  I can not purchase a domain name for my current blog name.  So sad, I know... I've cried some tears.  So I've been throwing around a few ideas with the hubs but have just not landed on anything that I just LOVE.  I need y'alls help!

My blog is very much southern inspired and I would like a title that reflects so.  Alrighty, so I know this is acting a lot but hit me with it!!

And go!

Monday, January 13, 2014

OOTD: Plaid + Pearls

Ok y'all... This is my first OOTD post EVER and could potentially be my last.  No I'm sure I'll do more but posting posed pictures from my self timer on here is a little uncomfortable for me.  So please be kind! lol

Just a little background on my intentions for this post before I get started.  I'm actually starting to do this to force myself to actually use this clothes that are in my closet.  I thought this would be a creative way to inspire myself to create new outfits out of what I own.  For six months I am trying to not buy any new clothes.  Lets see if I can do it.

So... today we have plaid and pearls.  Plaid has become HUGE this season and I could not be anymore thrilled about it.  I have worn plaid of all sorts for years! Knit, flannel, you name it I own it.  I've paired this flannel plaid button up with a pair of medium wash Miss Me jeans and chestnut brown harness boots. 

 This outfit truly embraces the Southern Belle persona.  Every belle knows that pearls are not only an essential accessory but they go with and should be worn with everything.  I chose my strand of pearls that I received for graduation and my pearl studs that were a wedding gift from my husband.

 These studs are my true staple piece and you can usually see me wearing them on a daily basis.

 If you do not own any pearls, yet.... Target has a great selection of faux pearl jewelry that is very reasonable.  You definitely do not have to have the real deal to flaunt the pearls! I wore faux pearls for years and got so many compliments on them.

This outfit is great for a casual day out  or you can give it a little pzazz for a night out by adding a vest.  I this a black fur vest would add just the perfect darling touch!

{Plaid Flannel}         {Jeans}              {Boots}

Have a Fab Monday!