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Monday, August 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Hey y'all!!!
Yes I am still alive though I'm even beginning to question myself these days! Life has really taken off like a rocket since school has started.  for those who don't know I am now in dental hygiene school at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.  It's full speed ahead from here with no looking back but I'm LOVING every second of it!!! I had my first quiz for pre-clinic this last Friday and am proud to report that I made a 100!! I also had my first exam to, in dental anatomy, and I feel wonderful about it!!  School is difficult and very time consuming but it truly makes all the difference in the world when you actually enjoy and are interested in what you're studying!!  
Living in Memphis has been a big change for me, especially growing up in a community of 800 people, with no stoplights, and barely any stop signs!!  I'm living with my aunt, in Cordova, for now.  It is only about 20 miles from UTHSC (University of Tennessee Health Science Center) however, with 8 a.m. traffic it can take anywhere from forty minutes to an hour to get there!! I'm totally not complaining but it will be so nice when my room mate and I get to move into our apartment, on Mud Island, September 9!! Only 2 more weeks!!!
Friday I'm going to drive to Mountain Home to see Logan and then Saturday we are going to go to the Razorback game with his family!! WOO PIG SOOIE!!!! I'm SOO incredibly excited! It has been almost a month since I have seen him and it truly feels like an eternity! I know I'm sounding really dramatic and that the last paragraph also has a LOT of exclamation marks but bear with me..... I'm EXCITED!!!!
I promise with he next post I will try and have some very exciting pictures from school. Just because everyone needs to see how adorable the junior DH class really is in our scrubs!!! LOL

I won't think about that today.... I'll think about that tomorrow

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday.... well kind of

Lately wedding planning has been taken over by getting everything together for my big move to Memphis.  This is my last week at home before my move. Well, I can't actually move into my apartment until September 9th so until then I will be living with my aunt.  I'll start hygiene school this next Monday (the 15th) and I absolutely can not wait!!!
As wedding planning goes not much has changed.  But I have scheduled a few things and Logan and I will FINALLY have our engagement pictures taken this Friday (insert extreme excitement here)!!!! I can't wait to see them all finished and I'm super excited about our little theme for the photos!! I'll definitely be sharing them later! 
As far as my check off list goes heres what we've got done and what we've got to go!!!

Check off list (for now):
Disc Jockey
House Party
Ring Bearer
Flower Girls
Gifts for each other
Wedding Party Gifts
Wedding Favors
Engagement photos
Save the dates

305 Days Left!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


           Welcome back to me!! After a critical and stressful month of chemistry I am back to the land of the living!! I know that my title choice is a little vague but I promise I am getting to that.  As many of you know I have always wanted to be a dental hygienist and FINALLY my dreams came true when I got my acceptance letter the the University of Tennessee (my daddy's alma mater) in June.  I only had one more pre- requisite to finish to complete my requirements for UT and that was chemistry 2.  I started my chem. class on July 5 and was not excited at all!! Going into the course I did not expect it to be easy, however I also did not expect to possibly lose my opportunity to go to hygiene school.  I will never be able to explain to anyone (other than my momma because she lived it with me) how stressful, horrible, and tragic the last month was for me.  I know it sounds like I'm being dramatic but when you face the fact that 1 course that you will NEVER even use in your life is going to determine your future it's very scary, to put it mildly.  Through this class however God completely broke me for the better.  After the second week of class I told my mom I'm supposed to learn something from this course but I don't think it's chemistry."  This was my AWAKENING...... What I NEED to stress the most is to make sure that you are walking where you are supposed to with God and have your heart right, so that when you need to pray like I had to, you can go to our Father completely.

This story is even too completely too long to share but I can say that chemistry TRULY changed my life! LOL  God taught me through the fear of losing my career that I HAVE got to rely on Him fully and CAN NOT waiver in my walk with Him!!  I began praying the outcome of the course in His will and asking Him for a peace and that regardless of the outcome that I would praise Him and only Him because He knows best.

I also have got to say thank you to my parents for paying for me to go to a college where the professors actually care about how you do and excel.  However, praise God that He works through non believers.  The last week of my class I still had a D and had completely given everything over to God because I was at the end of my sanity from worry (I lost a LOT of hair and a LOT of weight during this course).  I told my mom at this time that we needed to change the way we were praying and to start praying for my instructor!  God is still in the business of miracles!!! My instructor changed his grading scale at the LAST minute which he did not have to do. By him changing the scale it made my grade the lowest C (is my God great or what).  There were still over 9 people under me with D's and F's.... my heart goes out to them because I would HATE to think about going through that again.

I'm proud to say that my God provided, yet again, another avenue to my career!!!  Before the class He provided me with my acceptance letter when I was originally an alternate, an apartment on Mud Island when there were no leases left, and with a great room mate (I got to meet her a few weeks ago) when I didn't know anyone and was scared of living alone.  ALL praises to God!!!!!!

I truly hope that my dementia never gets to bad because I NEVER won't to forget the magnificent lesson that God so graciously gave me through allowing me to become so completely broken that I was able to see all of my wrongs and to correct and make my 180 to Him!!  THIS IS MY AWAKENING!!!!