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Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Don't Cost a Thing

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and guess what?  I have not even began to think about what to get for B.  So this afternoon I started to brainstorm then I started to google.  I could not find anything that did not seem overpriced and to put it mildly, very incredibly cheesy.  Why spend a ton on things that he will never wear, use, or may not even like?  So that's the point when I started thinking about gifts that won't break the bank and that he will really enjoy.

1.  Create a coupon book
Make him a custom coupon booklet filled with his favorite things.  Free back rubs, a guys night out, and his favorite dinner.  This is a super simple and completely inexpensive or free way to show him that you care about him.  Just remember that these do not require an expiration date.

2.  Trip to the driving range
Take him to the local driving range and split a bucket of balls with him.  Now if your love hates golf then totally skip #2.  B loves to go to the range and he amazingly loves it even more when I tag along.  A bucket of balls is under $25.  Split a bucket of balls and bond over back swings and driving distance.

3.  Make his favorite meal candlelight style
Set up your dining room table, light candles, and make this valentines dinner the best yet.  Although I don think that making reservations is a very romantic gesture.... is there really a better place for romance than the home where you share your lives?  This is a super inexpensive way to have a wonderful and romantic valentines dinner.

4.  Bake sweet goodies
Bake your hunnies favorite treat and surprise him by bringing him these little happies to work!  For B its supreme brownies and what hubby doesn't love a spontaneous surprise at work.

What are your favorite gift ideas this year?  

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