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Friday, February 7, 2014

Miracle Bathroom Makeover

Last week B and I started the process of demolishing our "lovely bathroom and by "lovely" I really mean disturbingly hideous!  Just look for yourself.

 Check out that hottie taking down that "lovely" safety rail by my jacuzzi.

I know y'all are thinking that I'm completely crazy for wanting this wallpaper out of my life but this faux cotton candy sponge paint pretty had to go.

We started this project at about 4:00 last Friday and worked all that night till we finished stripping all of that "lovely" wall paper down.  This brilliant idea of starting this project late Friday made for a long week.  The Superbowl was Saturday so putting in long work hours that day was completely out.  We should have though cause the game was HORRIBLE.

We lived liked this (partially) for this last week.

We finally finished painting on Wednesday and today I got the bathroom mostly set up.  I still need to get rugs and hardware for towels and toilet paper but thats minor details.  We chose this slate blue color, Provence, from Behr.

 Our monogrammed towels that we got for our wedding our going to look so great with the wall color once I get a towel rod to hang them on.

The bathroom is not perfect yet but it is such a HUGE improvement from the disaster it was before.

I really want to paint the trim and cabinets white.  I think the white would be a great contrast to the blue.  Maybe add some gold accents too.  I'm beyond excited about my new bathroom and am so ready to take a bubble bath!


  1. Molly it looks SOOOOO good! I love the color you guys chose!

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