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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Planner Stickers

If you follow me on instagram then you've probably already seen what I got in the mail over the weekend.  If not.... It was my new planner stickers!!

These are one of my newest obsessions.  Seriously though! I'm obsessed with my planner and it pretty much holds my life together so why not customize it and decorate.

Once Upon A Planner did an absolute amazing job designing these seasonal stickers.  I chose the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas countdown pages.  They are all such great quality and Once Upon A Planner was so easy to work with.

They not only have seasonal stickers but also have occupational stickers, daily chore stickers, appointment reminder stickers, and Greek stickers.  

New stickers are ALWAYS popping up on their instagram and posting to their website.

Go check out their website here and follow them on instagram @once.upon.a.planner