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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

I heard the Hallelujah chorus yesterday when the Fed Ex man knocked on my door!!  Here is my new "toy"!!!!  I pretty much have the BEST fiance EVER!!!!

B had a card sent with it for me!!! 

The first thing I wrote in my LIFE planner!!! Can't wait for June 9!!

Frankly my dear....... Have a fabulous rest of your wednesday!!!

Tagged... I'm it!!

A few days ago I was tagged by Brittney at Razorback Britt sooo here goes....

Here is how it goes:
-List the rules
-Post 11 fun facts about yourself
-answer the 11 questions the person who tagged you wrote
-create 11 questions for those you tagged
-tag 11 people in your post
-let them know they are tagged!

  1. I have always wanted to be a dental hygienist or a country and western singer.  At least one of those came true.  I'm still holding out for a record deal though!!
  2. I competed 2 years in the Miss Arkansas pageant, won Miss Congeniality in 2010, and am still the reigning Miss River Delta!!
  3. I absolutely hate the "refreshing " noise that people will make after they take a drink!
  4. My favorite candy is Tootsie Rolls!! (don't judge.... I still promote good oral hygiene)
  5. I LOVE seasonal socks!!
  6. My car will ALWAYS be playing Prime Country
  7. I wear camo at least once a week, whether it be my shadow grass pajama pants, my Drake jacket, gloves, or head warmer.
  8. I'm a HUGE hunter and LOVE anything outdoors!
  9. My favorite food is spaghetti.
  10. My favorite flowers are tulips.
  11. I am a born again believe of Jesus Christ!!

The questions Brittney asked are:

1. What is your nickname?
     Well I've had several.  Smalls is what I was known as in high school.  In college a few of the baseball boys started calling me MOJO and it kind of clicked.
2. What color polish is currently on your toes?
     Right now that would be French Quarter for your Thoughts by OPI!!! Its this fabulous grey.
3. What is your go-to dinner to cook?
4. What is your favorite quote or Bible verse?
      Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.
5. Which would you choose?  Doctor's office for shots or dentist for a teeth cleaning?
      NO BRAINER!!!! Even though I don't mind either.  I'd have to go with having my teeth cleaned though.
6. Tell us about your morning routine.
      Motivationally speak myself out from under the covers, head for the coffee maker, put on scrubs, put on base, go get a cup of coffee, finish my makeup, fix my hair, earrings, clinic shoes, pack my lunch, eat breakfast, take vitamins, grab my bags and travel mug OF COFFEE and head to school!
7. What song is most played on your ipod/iphone/itunes?
      I Wonder Do You Think of Me- Keith Whitley
8. What snack do you eat at the movies?
9. If your house was on fire and you had time to grab any three things, what would you grab?
     My purse, Hogan (a stuff animal I've had since I was little), and a pair of shoes.  
10. The craziest thing you have ever eaten?
     Gillett, my home town, is famous for the Coon Supper.  Its a HUGE political event in the state of Arkansas. You should google it.... but yes I have eaten coon.
11. Favorite weekend getaway locale?
      My farm in Tyro Arkansas!!
I will tag....
Tiffanie at Pineapples and Pickles 
Amy at All Things Girl 
Brooke at Seals of Hope 
Abby at Charmed Bliss 
So thats not 11 but o well!

Here's my questions!!

  1. What is your favorite movie?
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?
  3. What is your most recent "great find" or favorite purchase?
  4. Do you floss at least once a day? (Just had to I'm sorry!! lol)
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  6. What is your favorite recipe? (please share if you'd like)
  7. Dog lover or cat lover?
  8. Do you prefer to drive or ride?
  9. If you could choose any place to travel to RIGHT NOW, where would you go?
  10. What is your go to shoe?
  11. What is one of the most memorable moment in your life?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving

Today I am loving.........

That I made my VERY first plaster study model today

For those of you who don't know me very well..... I ONLY listen to classic country!! 

I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING that one of my best friends and Maid of Honor 
is getting married in 59 days!!!! EEEEEEEEEE (insert excited squeal here)

AND lastly......... I'm loving

 That my Erin Condren Life Planner is ordered and being shipped!!
Mine will be in this design and color (splash)!!
I'll share ALL about it when it arrives!!

Frankly my dear...... Have a fabulous rest of your Wednesday!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Playing Catch up

I've been SO behind since Christmas!! This semester has really taken off AND fast.... Which doesn't leave much time for me, much less time for me to sit down and blog.  So for the brief minute here I'm going to attempt to spew everything out here.

One of my class mate and good friends got married January 14!! 
Congratulations to Jessie and Edmund! 

Shelby, Taylor, and me

Shelby, Taylor, Logan, and me

Beautiful Bride and Groom

One night after clinic me, Taylor, and Shelby decided to go to Germantown to Painting with a Twist!!
It was such a blast even though I wasn't SOO great at it!!
If you live near the Memphis area you need to do this at LEAST once!! 

Lastly and sadly... on January 31 I lost my baby.  Lucy Mae was my sweetheart and was NOT a dog.  This loss is one that I haven't dealt well/am dealing well with.  I was in Memphis when it happened, and not that I already didn't know this but I have the best family in the world.  My daddy and especially my big brother did everything they could.  My brother is the greatest.  He held her for me so she wasn't alone and knew she was loved.
My Daddy and brother drove the next day to Memphis to be with me and tell me the news.

Lucy LOVED deer season!!

Christmas card shoot one year

Baby and I strolling

She LOVED when we brought deer in 
This day I was sick and she laid with me and cuddled all day

She loved B

We LOVED having PJ and popcorn parties

I miss her so much.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Give Away

So recently I have found a new OBSESSION..... The Erin Condren life planner!!

They come in SO many adorable designs, colors, and choices of fonts!

Bethany at Red Robe Designs is hosting a giveaway and up for grabs is (drum roll)......... TWO $25 Erin Condren gift cards!! SO that means that there will be TWO winners!

So be sure to link up with Bethany and don't miss the opportunity to register for those amazing gift cards!!