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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Here they are!!!! FINALLY I'm putting up a sneak peak of some of the photos from mine and Logan's engagement session! Also the photos help to reveal the (kind of) theme that our wedding is based on!! I hope that you LOVE them just as much as I do!

Well... Can you guess? Yes it is a vintage theme!!!!!  What makes the vintage photos so special, to me, is that all of the props that were used are family heirlooms.  The dress was the dress that my Nina got married in, the hat was one of my Nina's, the jewelry was also my Nina's, the quilt was made by my great great grandmother (Ma's magic quilt), and the suitcases belonged to my grandparents.  Also featured in some of the other vintage photos was a silver tea set that was given to me when I was little, my daddy's vintage guitar, an antique couch, and antique trunk, and my mom's wedding dress!!!  

We had such a great time shooting these photos and they truly turned out better than I imagined!! It was so funny, we would be in the middle of shooting pictures and Logan would turn to me and say "this is so fun!!!" I think he enjoyed the day just as much as I did and would probably volunteer to be a model at the drop of a hat!! lol

All the photos were taken by Brandy Strain Dayer and Strain Photography in Conway!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Opening Weekend

Last weekend as many of you hunters may know was opening weekend of the modern gun season.  I hunted my first full bow season this year and unfortunately came up empty but did have the opportunity to take a 20 yard shot at an 8 point.  I did have some luck during a doe population control hunt.  However, this last weekend was one of the best we've had in years!! My daddy shot a 9 point at 8:02 and 15 minutes later his baby girl killed her first buck, a 7 pt!!!!  Mine, of course, pales in comparison to my dad's but his is an amazing deer!!!

Daddy/Daughter Duo!!!
It's been a great season so far.