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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

416 Days

So it's a little late but I still wanted to share what plans we've made so far!!  FINALLY after setting a date and finding a venue we were able to book at the beautiful Alda's Magnolia Hill.  Let me also add here that they were booked a complete year and a half in advance and while we were attempting to book a date at the venue, two of the dates we had chosen were booked literally within a day of us trying to book them! We did finally have a date reserved until we could tour the grounds and book.  We will be married June 9, 2012 and I can not wait!!
In a little over a year I will stand in this exact spot and marry my best friend!

I will arrive in this carriage with my daddy and leave in it with my new husband!
Magnolia Hill is the most amazing venue for the both of us.  It fits both of our personalities so well and we are truly blessed to have found this most perfect place and each other!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Only 25 days until I am an official college graduate.  I will graduate on May 14 with a bachelor of arts in biology and will be forced to grow up and get a big girl job.  With time flying by so fast I find it so difficult to study, finish projects, and complete homework.  Actually I find it all very easy to put off until the last minute (I'm a great procrastinator).  Just like tonight I should be studying for the test I have tomorrow but after completing my study guide I felt the need to shower.  As luck would have it the electricity goes out while I am in the shower.  I think this is just another great opportunity to put off studying because who is really going to study in the dark?!  Instead of studying for a test, that will last only 50 minutes and in a year I won't even remember what I made, I'm sitting here in the dark with three of my closest friends laughing and making memories that will last for a lifetime.