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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life has gone to the dog dogter, as B occasionally calls her (dog+daughter)

I know I know....
I instagram pictures of her way too much... ok all of the pictures are of her but she is the most precious thing and I feel selfish not to share her with the rest of my social media world!
Am I vain and slightly obsessive.... why yes!!
I'm perfectly content with my flaws and have come to terms with them and might possibly be working on a few.  But thats a post for a different day.

This post is about/from my fluffy cuddle buddy, pillow hogging, best riding partner, has SO many "friends", rambunctious, bath hating, sweet pea!!
In the middle of the night, at least 3 nights out of the week, I sneak up next to my mommy and steal her pillow. She'll wake up with her head on the mattress and realize that there is no longer any room for her head on the pillow because I've i sprawled across it! 
I love fluffy comfies!!

I love going on car rides but have a few issues with staying awake

I've got SOOO many "friends" and like for all of them to be around me so we can visit.  I mean... what's a girl to do?!
I get at least 3 baths a week and still detest them! You might think that I would come to realize that yes it is going to happen and yes it would go a lot quicker if I was not constantly scrambling to escape.  Mommy never gives in though!! Even if she is chasing my drenched soapy self around the house screaming "NO TIPPY NO"

Enjoy your Wednesday as much as I'm enjoying my bone right now!!
Love, Tippy

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who's Ready?

Tonight marks the first night of competition for the Miss Arkansas pageant!!!
(applaud now)

It's now been 3 years since I last competed
Commence to reminiscing...  

First year

 talent night
I sang Trouble from Smokey Joe's Cafe
*Note the feather hairpiece!! I wear it to the grocery store regularly!! Not really but I might!*
Evening gown
My two precious princesses

Year Two
Yay for Group A!!
This year I drew for the number 1 position.... So technically I had the highest score for a period of time! lol

 Talent Night
I sang Anway by Martina McBride
Getting ready for evening gown competition
 My sweet Diamond state princess 
She competes in the outstanding teen division now
Competing in my very own custom Tony Bowls gown

Saturday and final night of competition 2010
I was so honored to have been voted Miss Congeniality!
This is still one of my biggest accomplishments in life!!

These memories from my two years of competing are some of my most treasured.  I accomplished and surpassed goals that had once been unimaginable to me.  I gained confidence and skills in presentation and public speaking that will continue to help me always.  But mainly I gained some of the greatest friendships that will last a lifetime!!

We also did compete in swimsuit but I decided to omit those photos... you understand!

Leave it to these two!!
My brother and husband (bf at the time)
They are just two peas in a pod!

There ya have, it my biggest accomplishments in all of my pageant years.
Can't wait to see our next Miss Arkansas crowned on Saturday night!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Employer Fairy,

So.... I've officially been completely finished with all of my testing, to become an OFFISH RDH, for a month now.
All of my paperwork has been completed, finger prints splotched on that cute little index card, and the rest of my paraphernalia AKA junk has been turned in.... However, I still have not received my license yet.
If you haven't caught on to my jargon yet.... Let me break it down for you


Recently I've been passing out resumes like they're free samples.... If you'd like one hit me up!! lol
Unfortunately... I've had no nibbles 
I promise that I do act like the perfect little belle when I go in to talk to offices but on the inside I'm like...
HIRE ME!!!!! 
(dragging self out of the waiting room as I'm frantically flailing my arms and throwing resumes)

ATTENTION all Arkansas friends: If you know of any dental practice needing a hygienist.... Holler at ya girl!!

Until then... please little employer fairy sprinkle some of that funky employment dust on me!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Night in Paradise

It's been one week since we've been home from the Cayman's and I miss it desperately!!

Who doesn't love laying out and reading all day?!  Am I right?
Of course I am!!

The Cayman's have some of the most gorgeous sunsets ever!!

It's also Monday Y'all so dont' forget to link up with Northern Belle Diaries and Postcards from Rachel

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vacation Part 2

Grand Caymans!!!!

Hellooooo paradise!!
This island is absolutely so incredibly gorgeous.... and we got to see my brother, BONUS!!!!
My brother is in vet school in the Cayman's so this vacation/visit was very special!

 Before we even got there my mom had asked my brother if there was any excursion type of activity that he would recommend..... Sting Ray City was the winner!

 There is a distinct reason that I am clinging to B in all of these pictures
and for those of you sharp tongued devils.... yes I could in fact touch the bottom!

 All of these sting rays were swimming around and apparently they "make friends" by sneaking up behind you and rubbing against your legs.
Well... that didn't sit too well with this lady... Refer to exhibit A above!
That's a framer right there!

But we all did kiss one so theres 7 years of good luck for me!!
 At this point I was sick as a dog and just wanted God to grow me some land in the middle of the ocean.
The starfish were so fun though and what was even more amazing was watch the man hang on to the back of the boat (it was moving) until he saw some on the ocean floor and then dove down to get them.

This was truly an amazing trip and if you have never been... Add it to your bucket list PRONTO!!!

Y'all have a great and fun weekend!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation Part 1

Hey guys!!! I'm FINALLY back!

Well back to the the blog anyways.... We made it back from Dallas Sunday evening but since we've been home we've been super busy.  I've been passing out resumes like they're free samples.  If you know any dentist needing a hygienist in the Central Arkansas area... hit this lady up!

Now on to the vacation!!
 Part 1: Dallas
We were scheduled to fly out of DFW for the Caymans.... So we decided to drive south a few days early and spend sometime around Dallas.

Logan had never been downtown the the School Book Depository (where President Kennedy was killed). So we decided he had to see it.

Standing beside the column that Mr. Zapruder stood on the film Kennedy's motorcade

In front of the depository

The grassy knoll

It had been several years since I had been to Dealey Plaza and toured the depository so it was so much fun to go back and see new exhibits.  

That evening we went to the Mesquite rodeo.... Poor B didn't enjoy it too much because of his allergies but I was only slightly in heaven!!

 This is one of the most gorgeous horses I've ever seen!! 

Poor B's puffy eyes... It was really a blast though!

I always LOVE going to Dallas!!