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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello Spring

Happy first day of spring y'all!!  I so so so hope all the cold weather is over and warm is on the way. 

I say this about every season but... Spring is my favorite.  Okay, maybe it's not my absolute favorite but it's definitely in my top four.  See what I did there? 

Serendipity is truly the only word that I could think of to summarize all of my current feelings about this new season.  Spring simply fills my soul with hope.  A hope for new life, warm weather, beautiful sunshine, new wardrobe (check it out here) and let's face it even the air smells better.   It's no longer dark when I make it home from work and I get to watch the sunrise every morning.  Random daffodils are sprouting up all over the place and my heart grows two sizes.... or something Dr. Suessy like that.

  God's blessings become ever so more apparent in spring.

Spring also brings pre-season baseball and tax returns.  Okay taxes aren't that fun but the potential money that you get back sure can be.  B and I are hoping to use a portion of ours to take a weekend trip for our anniversary in June.  Maybe we'll get to catch a game.  

Oh dear spring thank you for finally arriving!

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