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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Easter Wreath

I had the most fun with this quick and easy project.  This wreath turned out so spunky and fun and really looks great on my front door.

Supplies Needed:
metal wreath framework 
deco mesh
pipe cleaners
wire cutters/needle nose pliers
easter eggs
easter decor

The really great thing about deco mesh is that you can not screw it up.  It's not always the most easy material to handle (my hands always feel like I've fluffed 50 fake Christmas trees after) but it is easy to shape and adds fullness and fluff very easily.

To prepare I first cut my, color coordinated, pipe cleaners in half using wire cutters.  The pipe cleaners are a simple way of binding the deco mesh onto the framework.

 Start creating loops, whatever size you prefer, and attach by twisting the pipe cleaner around the mesh and framework

 I added a second color to give the wreath a little more volume and great contrast.

 Tippy loves to crawl in the wreaths!  After adding the purple mesh she gladly hopped in the center and posed for a few ton of pictures.
 I added a green bow for a great pop of color and used some string to dangle the three eggs at different lengths inside the bow.  A project is NEVER complete without a bow.... I like big bows and I can not lie.

 Easter door hanger from Hobby Lobby (40% off).  I used floral wire to mount it to the framework.
The glitter eggs I found at Target.  I used colored pipe cleaner and some super glue to create these precious little egg fringles.

 B photo bombed

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  1. I made a few like this!! I love them, but they take forever to make..


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