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Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm a Lily

A few months ago I discovered a little gem that has made my life complete.  Okay, I am being a bit dramatic... but seriously I have a literal, probably unhealthy, obsession with How I Met Your Mother.  Watching season after season I have discovered many things about myself.  It's true T.V. is both educational and insightful.  

1.  I do not get out enough.  I wish I had a hangout like Maclaren's where my friends and I would go to meet up, sit, and chat over our day.  Challenge excepted!

2.  Even though I have the MOST amazing friends in the world, read about the girls here, I want friends like Marshall, Lily, Robin, Ted, and Barney.


3.  I am the Lily Aldrin in this sitcom that is my life!

Oh secrets... For those of you who do not know me, personally, I truly have the best of intentions with this one.  However, when I am asked to keep a secret it's like pulling the pin on an old hand grenade just to see what it will do.
I'm not afraid to get a little physical.  Sometimes a good ole fashioned wallop is just what it takes to get your point across.

I'm very easily overly excited.  Emotions are not something that I am good at containing or if I'm really being honest I typically don't contain.  

Darn my completely adorable face! Over the years I've "attempted" to master the art of filtering.  My mouth has partially embraced this concept however, my face is a bit remedial.  I am incapable of hiding my thoughts or emotions because my face is a dead giveaway.  I have the most vast array of facial expressions.

I've never met a sweet that I didn't like and that didn't like me.  Enough said.

So this one isn't fully true.  I'm rarely never the smartest person in the room but oh dear heart, I sure feel this way sometimes.

In my world my birthday is a national holiday complete with parade and a full brigade of birthday festivities.  Yes I do wear a tiara and I'm not afraid to call someone out for not wishing me a happy birthday.  You have been warned.

Food can fix any problem.  Cookie dough is the perfect mortar to fix hurt feelings.  Remember I said I wasn't very good at hiding my emotions?  Yea well, my feelings get hurt easily and when they do my world crumbles and I require an ugly cry session in the floor of my closet.  Good news... I have about a two second rebound rate.

Lastly, I'm not afraid to toot my own horn.  Bad quality? Nah, I think a little self confidence and vanity is good for the soul.

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