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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions.... not so much

I'm not big on resolutions and to be quite honest.... I never set any for myself because I PERSONALLY do not like setting myself up for disappointment and failure. 
(I mean this in the funniest)

Don't get me wrong, I am very much a goal setter but I just don't get into telling myself I'm going to workout more.  Let's be serious people..... I avoid the treadmill like nobody's business!!!

However, here are my achievements for 2013!!!
Ok... so if we're going to be really critical here and make a federal case about my last statement..... "achievements" could just be a fill in word for "resolutions" but I am going to call them achievements because these are things that will happen/I will accomplish in 2013.

1. I am spending more time in God's word.
2. I am passing my dental hygiene board exam in March.
3. I am graduating May 31..... HALLELUJAH!!!
4. I am passing my SRTA exam in June.
5. Logan and I will continue laughing and falling in love with each other each day.

There aren't very many but they are all very important to me and each will be achieved!!!!

Hope Y'all have a Fabulous Thursday!!

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  1. i need to spend more time in the word too. I struggle with that constantly.. Have you heard of Wife After God? It's a great devotional.


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