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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York Day 2

 Welcome to day two of our New York adventure..... Where we continue our subway adventures, have a mouse encounter, walk down Wall street, and commit a crime a a national monument.

 While Taylor was taking this picture of us waiting on our train there was a little mouse underneath the bench. He wasn't bothering us so we saw no need to get up and bother him.... until he got a wild hair and decided to across Jessie's boot!!! 

 We were not about to wait in the exceptionally long line to have our pictures made with the bull...
So this is the best shot I got of him!!!

After Wall Street we walked to see the East river.

Next we hit Battery Park.
It was still fenced off and and had several trees down from hurricane sandy.
 This is a sculpture was originally between the Twin Towers.
It sustained it's damage from the attack on September 11.
It now sits in Battery park.

Alrighty..... After Ellis Island and gawking at Lady Liberty we headed over to the World Trade Center memorial.
This is where the day REALLY gets interesting!
Let me just preface.... We are four girls from the south walking around alone in New York.  I am 4'10 and petite so of course I am carrying pepper spray in my purse.  I did not even think about it being an issue and not allowed inside the memorial.  Also, let me point out that I bought this pepper spray in Arkansas.  Kimber makes an amazing double barrel pepper sprayer thats supposed to literally knock an assailant off his/her feet. Of course this is what I own.... did own.
Ok... now that I've got y'all up to speed let's get on with the drama!!

We're waiting in line to get in and I see the sign prohibiting knives, firearms, tasers, and pepper spray.
At this point I begin to panic and look frantically for a trash can..... of course there aren't any. I ask my friend Jessie what I should do... both of us have no clue.

I'm thinking that if they just look down into our purses that they might not see it because it's buried..... however, once we get up to security I realize that we are putting our bags and coats through a scanner.

I decided to just go ahead and tell them that I had it in my purse thinking if I disclosed I had it with me that It would be no big deal. I thought they might be able to hold it for me or just simply throw it away for me.

It was the biggest ordeal!!!
They lady looked at me like I was a terrorist and told me to slowly pull it out of my purse.  I did so and handed it to her.  She looks down at the pepper sprayer then back at me then begins to yell at me 
"You realize this is illegal in the state of New York"
Insert quick mental thought here "of course I don't I'm from Arkansas"
I reply with "no ma'am"
Security officer: "I'm telling you not asking!"

Let's make this story a tad shorter and just tell you that this went on for at least another 3 minutes as she starts to yell across the room at another officer telling him (as she points at me) that I have pepper spray.

I was completely embarrassed and just wanted to melt into the floor.  I seriously thought they might cart me off the the "big house".

After what seemed like an eternity the officer FINALLY threw the pepper spray away and let me through the body scanner.

Word of traveling advice..... when visiting memorials leave the pepper spray at home!!
O and remember that yankees have no manners!! hahaha

If interested I'd recommend this puppy!!!
Say hello to the Kimber pepper blaster (just do not take it to New York)

I hope y'all enjoy this very cold Tuesday!!!

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