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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Wednesday y'all!  Today I am sharing one of my favorite summertime treats... lemonade!  But this is not just any lemonade; it's homemade  fauxmade lemonade.  

For the fabulously tasty summer treat you will need:

1| Country Time lemonade mix
2| citrus juicer
3| fresh lemons

 4| Cut two large lemons in half  and squeeze them onto juicer.
 5| go ahead and slice up a third lemon into thin slices.

 6| Pour lemon juice into pitcher of lemonade mix.
 7| Add lemon slices.

The fresh lemons truly make all the difference in this lemonade.  It's sweet but with a hint of tartness.  Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do. 

If your feeling really wild add a few leaves of citrus balm mint.

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