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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Southern Women

From a young age we are bred and molded to exhibit an air of gentility.  Etiquette is of the upmost importance and manners are practiced until they are but second nature.  Emily Post adorns all family book shelves and being a debutante is anything other than archaic.  We are the point where sass meets class.

We are southern women.

We know how to make the perfect glass of sweet tea, know that pearls are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit, and can sling a list of twenty adjectives together to describe a single situation.  However, we are more than meets the eye.

Do not be fooled by a sweet southerners accent.  A southern lady will slice your juggler quicker than any Comanche (no offense).  Our words are our ammunition.  We are not necessarily taught this tactic but, I believe, that it is something that we are born with.  We are subtly brazen beings but when you mess with us.... Oh honey, let's just say don't poke the bear, alrighty?

Fragile is not a term I would use to describe any southerner.  Us gals can sure hold our own.   We fight tooth and nail for what we believe in and what's ours.  Like a dog with a bone we are relentless.

We all know that the secret to good hair is a good teasing comb, the perfect hairspray, and sheer determination.  The higher the hair the closer to God y'all.  There ain't nothing wrong with a good bouffant.

We are stubborn to the core.  Truly,  Heaven help the men who love us.  We put them through so much.  Loving a southern woman is not for the faint of heart but loving one does mean having the most loyal partner in life.  

We can be the best or worst people you will ever meet.  When you befriend a southern woman you can guarantee that you have a friend for life.  She will be one who will not ask questions when told to pick up a shovel and start digging.  

We are incredibly complex creatures.  Growing up a southern woman means growing up in an elaborately competitive society.  This is the perfect atmosphere to create such well rounded women.  We can hunt our food, skin it with a golf ball, and serve it up to our families; then turn around and host the ladies from the junior league in our dens.  We are chameleons that blend perfectly in our society.

We are southern women.


  1. This is a very true list. I also might would add prideful and sometimes humble to a fault.

  2. This list is soo true!! I showed the hubs and he said yep!! That's you!


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