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Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Years of Bliss

Marriage is one of the most amazing gifts from God and today I'm so blessed to be celebrating my marriage with the most wonderful partner.  Happy two year anniversary to my amazing prince. We have been blessed with our very own dysfunctional bliss.  God truly knew what he was doing when he brought B into my life.  This man is constantly seeking after God, leading our family faithfully, and loving me fully everyday.

If you can believe it only one month before I met B I had vowed to myself and told my mom that I was done with guys.  I remember telling my mom that there was no one for me at the university I attended and I just could not wait to get away from it and on the next thing.  Boy, does God have a sense of humor.  I wouldn't change any detail in our story though.  From how we met to our wedding day; it is part of our testimony. 

I'm sure all of those blessed with the relationship of a Godly marriage would agree with me when I say that year after year marriage just gets better.  I love this man so much more than the day we took our vows.  I had no idea that was even possible.   B is my "go to".  He's "my guy".  

We laugh together, share inside (sometimes not so nice) jokes, cuddle on the couch, and still drop it like its hot in the kitchen.  He tells me I'm beautiful everyday and loves to listen to me sing in the kitchen.  He holds my hand just because he can and still looks at me the same as he did on our wedding day.  Every girl deserves to have a man look at her that way.  God has so beyond blessed me with an amazing husband.

B and I will never have it all together, that's for sure,  but I wouldn't trade our crazy, busy, functionally dysfunctional life for anything.  Our love is truly wonderful.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! So glad to have you on my sidebar this month!!


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