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Friday, June 20, 2014


1|  Tomorrow is one of B's closest childhood friends wedding!  We are so excited to be able to celebrate with them and to see his family while we are there.

2|  I'm missing being on vaca this week.  St. Louis was such a blast and I can't wait to visit again.... next week B?  I wish but I do promise to post the deets from our, in the fab words of my BFF, "anni" trip real soon.

3|  So two weeks ago a group of ladies from our church began a women's bible study.  We are doing Children of the Day by Beth Moore.  Y'all to say that it is super fabulous just does not do it justice.  Oh and the study is great too.  No but in all honesty it is so refreshing to know that I have a core group of ladies who love me, pray for me, will pray with me, and will build me up and keep me accountable.  If you'd like to check out the study go here.  This is a summer siesta study so it's super duper laid back.

4|  Monday afternoon I walk into Hobby Lobby for some picture hanging wire and wood glue.  Well, after walking in the door I always make a hard left toward the seasonal section.  Today was no different.  I came to the one isle with Fourth of July decor on it and was disappointed to learn that apparently I missed this beloved holiday because Fall leaves and pumpkins were adorning more shelves that the red, white, and blue.  So I just keep walking past all the pumpkins and spice and behold in front of me like a blessed sign from God are the sweetest words.  CLEARANCE 80% OFF!!!  WHAT?!!  I seriously peed myself a tad when I saw it and squealed out loud.  I racked up on some super cheap things I had been eyeing for a while.  I did FINALLY remember, through all of my excitement, to get the wire but I did forget the wood glue.  Priorities though am I right?

 I've been staring at this cake plate for months now but could not justify the 20 smackaroos for a silly cake plate.  Well y'all... I can certainly justify $8!  This little lovely now sits on the edge of my tub and holds my precious bubble baths.

 Well, this fellow is now lighting up B's man room and is doing it very well I might add.  This is another item we've been looking at since last summer but $100 for a table lamp?  I'm sorry by Dave Ramsey said no.  Well, Dave would probably still say no to $20 but oopsies.

I could not get the cake plate without the matching pitcher but I could honestly not decide which color I liked best so for $6 a piece both of these fancies came home with me.  You really can never have too many pitchers.

5|  After an unexpected evening of attempts at breaking and entering, B and I are thrilled to say that our home is in fact the second cousin, twice removed, of Fort Knox.  We finally did get in but be looking for the funny/I'm trying to laugh so I won't cry because Tippy Tutu is locked up alone in the house post.

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  1. I love hobby lobby!! The closest one is 30 minutes away. I love that they have some stuff on clearance.


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