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Friday, August 1, 2014

High Five Y'all

Whoa!! I seriously did not mean to go on a full blown hiatus this month. Sometimes, time away can be a good thing. Time to reflect and focus. Well it would be great if I had used my time for just such things. However, I have been super busy with things such as work, church, and my family. It was much more wisely spent on the later three than reflecting on posts. I do have some fabulous high fives to share though!

 1| While B was gone this past weekend I got a little domestic. I've been searching for the perfect valance for our kitchen. Much due to my pickiness I haven't found one. So what to do? Just make it myself. I also made the cutest window treatment for my laundry room.

 2| The work week is over and that should always be celebrated. I've started the celebration here in Arkansas by watching Lonesome Dove and eating kabobs for lunch.

 3| My sweet angle cuddled with me all day Monday. Tippy Tutu loving is and essential everyday.  WE love doing memory verses together.

 4| So I know that I do not talk about my family a whole lot on this space and it's totally not because I don't love them. It's just a subject that I don't want to constantly highlight (I do not mean this in a bad way). So, for many of you, telling you I have an older brother will be new news. Also, telling you that he is vet school in the Cayman Islands might also be a news flash. Well... in even bigger news! My brother just found out this week that he has been excepted into the Oklahoma State veterinary program to complete his last year of clinicals here in the States. I'm so beyond proud and excited for him!

 5| This past month I hosted my very first paid sponsorship! The fab Gipsy Dharma. Gipsy Dharma specializes in unique, one of a kind, clothing and boots. Check out their great website!


  1. That valance is adorable!
    Congrats to your brother- that is quite an accomplishment :)

  2. Sometimes you need to take a break. I'm glad that you are back!!


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