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Monday, April 28, 2014

Travs Game

Before I get rolling today please pray for the residents of the Central Arkansas area.  Last night we were devastated by fierce storms and tornadoes.  Many families lost their homes, many were injured, and some lost lives.  

All my life I have lived in Arkansas.  I've done almost every Arkansas native musts.  I love razorback games, I've climbed Pinnacle Mountain, and with summer around the corner you just can not forget about the hometown festivals.  To say I've frequented festivals is an understatement.  

However, in my twenty five years, I have never been to an Arkansas Travelers game.  That is... until this past Friday.  B's company hosted an employee night during this past weekends series.  To say I was a tad bit excited just does not do it justice.  I literally looked forward to this all week; mainly because I wanted a hot dog!

We had an absolute blast!

If you are a Natural State native or just passing through a Travs game is a definite fun and family friendly experience (and budget friendly).

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