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Thursday, April 3, 2014

I was Once... Kind of Cool

 Today I'm going to give y'all a little bit of an insight on my life or how my life once was.  So far, in my life, I have worn many hats.  Second baseman, point guard, pageant queen, dental professional.  There is one, among those not mentioned, that consumed nearly 10 years of my life.

I was a college cheerleader.  Yes it is true and yes I thought and still think that it's cool.

During those years I had the time of my life and was in the BEST shape of my life (very serious about this one).

I could throw some mean tumbling passes and absolutely loved the rush of getting to fly high.  Don't ever accuse this girl of having trust issues.... exhibit A below.

Cheerleading has taken me to some pretty amazing places in my life.  New York for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade,  London for the London New Year's Day parade, and Walt Disney's Wild World of Sports.  I would never have gotten these opportunities without cheerleading.  Hence, cheerleading is pretty amazing.... Yeah hence! 
Check out that cutie on the top right

I'm still a nut for spirit fingers, pom poms, and coordinated eight count routines but I'm now a veteran.
I am a has been, who was cool at one time, and a few pounds lighter... but I can still throw a pretty mean back handspring.

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