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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How We Met

In just three short months from today B and I will celebrating our two year anniversary.  I have no idea where those two years have gone.  Time needs to slow down just a bit.  It was even a bigger shock when B and I started thinking about our first date anniversary and how long ago that had been.  I decided that it was finally time for y'all to know how we met, dated, and fell in love.

It all began 5 years ago.  Looking back I'm sure glad that I was apparently motivated that morning and fixed my hair and put on makeup.  I was in my junior year of college, had just quit cheering, and for the longest span of time in my life, I was single.

Ironically, just one month prior to this day I had talked with my mom and told her I was so ready to leave OBU.  I told her that there was no one there for me and I was just ready to move on in life.  Little did I know that in mid September, a simple trip to the cafeteria would change my life.

Like I said before, thank goodness I decided to wear makeup that day or things may have turned out differently.  It was during lunch, as I was walking with my tray to the table to sit with my friends.  A guy I knew, who was in the same social club as B, called me over to their table.  All the Betas sat together in the same area for lunch.  Anyways, I was called over because I was being solicited to buy donuts.  Selling Krispee Kreme donuts is a bug fundraiser for their social club every year.  Well, I politely declined the offer to purchase only to be given a guilt trip by this handsome blonde.  I had seen him around campus and knew he was a Beta but I had no idea what his name was.  I left their table and went on to eat my lunch, truly not giving the conversation anymore thought.  Little did I know that after I walked away from their table the handsome blonde turned to Taylor, the guy I knew, and told him that he was going to marry me one day.

Later that evening I was sitting in the living room of my dorm room watching TV and scoping out facebook.  All of a sudden an IM pops up on my screen and I see the face of the handsome blonde. IM was the new thing on facebook and super popular at the time. I was truly shocked and flattered; now I had his name, although I couldn't pronounce his last name.  We chatted back and forth for a long time and I was beginning to think he would never ask for my number but thankfully facebook IM started experiencing some technical difficulties.  He finally asked for my number and literally sat up all night texting back and forth.  It's so funny when we talk about how we met.  Poor B was so nervous that with every message I would send to him he would immediately turn and ask his room mates what he should say.

B truly wasted no time in pursuing  me.  The very next evening he asked me to go out for some coffee. Let me just preface that at this time in my life I had not had a coke in 6 months.  I know that is not that long but for me it was.  I was competing to qualify for my second year in Miss Arkansas and had cut all unneeded sugar.  So that evening, when he asked what I would like to drink, I said "a coke please".  Why in the world would I say that?  Oh, I remember!  I did not want him to think I was someone who was obsessed with my image and I was afraid that by asking for a water he might think that.  Wow Molly.  Well, in hindsight I know now that I should've asked for a water.  I was sick as a dog from drinking even half the coke and spent the night not talking much because I was choking down vomit.  We laugh about it now.  A few days later while swinging at the park (these are some of my favorite memories) B asked me out to dinner for our first official date.

And so began our dating relationship.

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