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Monday, January 13, 2014

OOTD: Plaid + Pearls

Ok y'all... This is my first OOTD post EVER and could potentially be my last.  No I'm sure I'll do more but posting posed pictures from my self timer on here is a little uncomfortable for me.  So please be kind! lol

Just a little background on my intentions for this post before I get started.  I'm actually starting to do this to force myself to actually use this clothes that are in my closet.  I thought this would be a creative way to inspire myself to create new outfits out of what I own.  For six months I am trying to not buy any new clothes.  Lets see if I can do it.

So... today we have plaid and pearls.  Plaid has become HUGE this season and I could not be anymore thrilled about it.  I have worn plaid of all sorts for years! Knit, flannel, you name it I own it.  I've paired this flannel plaid button up with a pair of medium wash Miss Me jeans and chestnut brown harness boots. 

 This outfit truly embraces the Southern Belle persona.  Every belle knows that pearls are not only an essential accessory but they go with and should be worn with everything.  I chose my strand of pearls that I received for graduation and my pearl studs that were a wedding gift from my husband.

 These studs are my true staple piece and you can usually see me wearing them on a daily basis.

 If you do not own any pearls, yet.... Target has a great selection of faux pearl jewelry that is very reasonable.  You definitely do not have to have the real deal to flaunt the pearls! I wore faux pearls for years and got so many compliments on them.

This outfit is great for a casual day out  or you can give it a little pzazz for a night out by adding a vest.  I this a black fur vest would add just the perfect darling touch!

{Plaid Flannel}         {Jeans}              {Boots}

Have a Fab Monday!

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