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Monday, January 27, 2014

Be the Encourager

I'm not the most deliberate person when it comes to being the cheerleader in my marriage.  Ok that sounds really bad.  Please do not take it as that I do not encourage my husband at all I'm merely openly and vulnerably saying that I could improve in this area.  Can't we all?

Lately I've found myself allowing my life to be completely ran by work, housework, trying to make more time, and mostly the budget.  I've been so transfixed on balancing my envelopes and pinching pennies that I've allowed so many moments to lift up my husband to simply waste away.  Now you won't ever EVER hear me say any derogatory word about B.

I believe that in a marriage it is so important to not only encourage your partner but more importantly NEVER tear them down.  What kind of message does that to send to others?  It is not about creating a perfect marriage image but simply following a command from God.

Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

These past several days God has really laid being the encourager on my heart.  Y'all I seriously have the MOST amazing husband!!  He not only worked 12 hours on Friday but then he turned around and got up Saturday morning at 4:30 to work a wrestling tournament to pick up a few extra hours.  It doesn't stop there either... as I'm typing he is still in the middle of his 12 hour day which will continue for the rest of this week.  12 hour shifts all week!  I seriously married Superman.

The sacrifice is that I don't get to see to see my Clark Kent as much as I would like and trust me I can be really selfish with his time.  But what an amazing opportunity this gives me.  While he is out busting his bootay and making that monay  I can be here at home praying for him and lifting him up.  This is definitely a situation that I would've seen as a huge negative a year ago but God has transformed me to see it as a positive.

So with February, the love month,  just around the corner  my challenge for myself and for y'all is to be the deliberate encourager in your relationship.  A little "you go Glen Coco" can go a LONG way girls!!  (B always laughs at me when Mean Girls quotes)

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