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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Change is a Good Thing

Well y'all... I've finally done it!  After blogging, sporadically and haphazardly, for nearly 4 years I have finally made a concrete decision about what kind of blog I am.  As much as I love style blogs and would love to be one I just can't.  I just do not think that I have the stamina for it.

Since I've gotten married my life has changed from (slightly) care free college girl to a part time dental hygienist/house wife, chef of the house, and interior designer.  Throw money manager, budget keeper, and sometime "fun sucker" (as B calls me) into the mix too.

So... Drum roll.....   I am a Lifestyle Blogger!!

Now that I've finally stuck a label on this little package I need y'alls help!


Ok now that I've given you a lesson in the multiple translations of the word Attention and have gotten WAY of subject.

I would like to eventually transition from blogger to wordpress.  My only drawback right now is that I do not know how to do it myself and I haven't yet worked my having someone do it for me into the budget yet.  Stay with me alright? This next part is where you come in.

So, when trying to purchase a domain name I realized that apparently every other person in the continental U.S. also loves Scarlett O'hara and the phrase "Fiddle-dee-dee".  I can not purchase a domain name for my current blog name.  So sad, I know... I've cried some tears.  So I've been throwing around a few ideas with the hubs but have just not landed on anything that I just LOVE.  I need y'alls help!

My blog is very much southern inspired and I would like a title that reflects so.  Alrighty, so I know this is acting a lot but hit me with it!!

And go!


  1. You could keep your blog name and have your domain anything within that theme such as Sassiness and Sweet Tea. I could see you doing something with Ya'll. What have you come up with? Congrats on figuring out your focus!

    1. Thanks so much for your help, Ashley!! I really do love my blog name and want to keep it.


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