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Friday, January 24, 2014

Marvel + Leg Warmers

So after a long week of work and working a half day today I had the great idea to do a OOTD post.  I haven't worn any "real clothes" all week and honestly just wanted to feel slightly normal again.

Definition: "real clothes" includes any article of clothing not being scrubs or sweats.

So here is how this post went in my mind... Ok well the readers digest version anyway.  In scrubs and sweats all week and want to be in real clothes but still want to feel comfortable at home.  It is 20 something degrees today so I also want to be warm.  I picked one of my favorite sweatshirts and paired them with a pair of leg warmers and my fur Ugg boots.

In a nutshell there you have it.  Then I asked B if he would take some picture of me (we all know how that self timer worked out for me... WOOF).  He was less than thrilled but was a good sport and supported my vanity.

This is the point where the OOTD post in my head went awry.  B went from merely playing the role of button pusher to thinking he was a world class photographer.  Between the "work it work it" and "yea baby" the post idea that was in my head slowly and pleasantly fell apart.

So this post did not come out how I originally planned but the final product has my stamp of approval all over it!  Both B and I had a blast in my little mini photo session and Tippy had an absolute ball being chased around the yard.  Trust me the evidence of all her fun is now on my floors, rugs, and furniture!

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