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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That Time I Met My Favorite

So,  I completely missed doing this post on Monday but anywho... now that life has slowed down for a minute here we go!

This past weekend my parents took B and I to Hope for the Watermelon Festival.
My Dad got to see and visit with some of his good friends.... but the real reason for the visit...

He's one of my all time favorite artist!!!

I met him about 4 years ago and got his autograph and a picture with him.
But I really wanted to meet him again to get the picture signed!

My daddy made a few calls to a friend and let me just say..... He's got the best friends!!!
His friend pulled through!!

 I was only slightly excited to meet him again.... AND my picture is now signed!!! WOO HOO

My Daddy got us reserved seating tickets but the seats in that area were still first come first serve.... Once the gate opened B was the first through.  Y'all he took off running toward the reserved area and guess what?!!  FRONT AND CENTER for this fam!!!
I've got a pretty amazing Daddy and Hubby.... and the photo dump that is about to happen is compliments of my AMAZING Momma (I took some)!!

SNAPS for my amazing family!!!!

 SO amazing to be SOO close!!

 Spoiler Alert: B got 2 of those pretty picks that Tracy played with
Yes we are on a first name basis now... I mean we've met twice now!

Note that grinning fan in the lower left corner asTracy shakes her hand... THAT'S ME!!!
Way to go Mom!!!!

It was truly an AMAZING concert! 

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  1. SO fun! Nothing like being up close and personal with your favorites!


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