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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sadly summer is coming to an end and for the first time EVER I am not getting ready to go back to school. WOO HOO
It feels so weird and even though my freedom from school is not coming to an end it's still SO sad to me when summer ends.
B and I have had the best summer though!! We've done so many things off of our to-do list!!
(all highlighted= done and done)

There were some big things on the list that we/I didn't accomplish though..... Like
finish remodeling our house and me finding a job but I mean who can get all that done when your having such a great time making tons of fun memories!!

I have been doing some hygiene working interviews though so thats an effort on the whole getting a job thing!!
In great news of the job hunt though.... B found a job thats right up his alley and I think can only help him in his efforts to get into PT school!! YAY Go baby go!!

As for the other things that were left unfinished... theres always fall right?  
Now, time to quit sulking over summer coming to an end and start looking forward to Fall!!

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