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Monday, August 19, 2013

Football Fashion

School is starting again which only means one thing here in Arkansas..... Football season in right around the corner.

If your not from the South and don't comprehend what I'm saying... Well then bless your poor little heart!!
Let me educate you!!

All the football movies you've ever seen tell the durn truth.... down here football is a way of life!
Small towns revolve around their local high schools and the football team is at the heart of the school and here in the Natural State our entire state revolves around one university and one team
The Razorbacks!

Every true Southerner knows that a football game and tailgating is a more than adequate reason to get all gussied up!!

Here a a few of my favorite fashion picks for this upcoming season
I absolutely LOVE these chevron pants and the red chevron jumper! 
(I have a slight pattern addiction)
This sweater paired with red pants is also an obsession!! This would be awesome for evening games... especially when the weather begins to get cooler!

What I really love about these picks is they are not only great for game day but they are versatile and can be worn for any occasion.
Don't get me wrong now!  I love all of my "Woo Pig" and "Hog" wear and anything with a razorback logo.... and I do own a dress with a razorback decal on it.  However, those items are very occasion specific and I love to wear my clothes to more than just a tailgate.

I love black booties!!! Super comfy and super stylish!
For anyone who knows me.... they know that I have an unhealthy obsession with feathers!!  I also have a hairbow, headpiece, or fascinator for any outfit.  I'm just more comfortable having something on my head y'all!  This razorback red fascinator is sure to get you noticed at a tailgate and could be a great conversation piece! lol
State shaped jewelry is HUGE right now and is a great way to show your spirit!!

Last but not least.... the creme de la creme of you outfit.... the piece de resistance..... the perfect clutch!!
Although trying to send a text in Donald W. Reynolds Stadium on game day is pointless.... trust me you want be getting any service.... you still need a place to carry your most essentials!! 

So.... are y'all ready for some football?

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