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Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Y'all!!!

Here's the rundown for my weeks High Five for Friday 
This week marked the premiere of the new Duck Dynasty season!!
Life is complete again!

These little babies are my motivation to get out and hit the road!
They are amazingly comfortable too.  Since most of you have never seen my feet, praise God, I have a ton of trouble finding comfortable tennis shoes.  My feet pronate something awful and I always have to get inserts to help give me some arch.  These are feeling great so far.... but they haven't actually "hit" the road yet! lol
Maybe next week?

But those new shoes have been to Petsmart with this little cutie, Tippy Tutu!!
We went this week to pick up some new bones but sweet baby was NOT loving the store for some reason.  She did not even want to get down and walk.  So... of course Mommy carried her the entire time!  We even looked at some Halloween costumes for her first Halloween with us. 
What do you think she should be?

AHHH!!!! This was the find of the month!!!
I absolutely fell in love when I saw it and knew it would look great in this little nook of our living room!!
Our house is FINALLY starting to resemble something of a home!

But here is the BEST news of the week.... I actually just heard this news a few minutes ago!!
My brother and his precious fiancée have finally set a date!!
Hurry up Erin Condren and get those new planners out!! I need to put a sticker on this date!!

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth today!

Y'all enjoy this Friday and have a Fab weekend!!

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