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Monday, August 10, 2015

Love Your Space

Lately I have not been content in our home.  Wow... saying that out loud and reading it as I type just looks and sounds so incredibly selfish.  I think many people go through a phase just like this though.  Somedays I become so frustrated even looking at my powder blue formica counter tops that I vocally remind myself that this is not my "forever home."  However, this is our home for now.  B and I are so proud of our home and have been so incredibly blessed in this space.  So, how do you learn to love even your blue counter tops?

Here are five tips for loving your home.

1.  Add personal touches

Fill your home with photos of your family and friends.  I love to put my family and friends on display.  Every room in our home has photos of me and B... Yes even the bathroom. 

This past December I hosted my bunco group for our Christmas bunco game.  One of my friends made the comment that she felt like she had been at our wedding because of all of the photos around our home.  This is how I want my friends to feel.  

2.  Let the light shine

Open those blinds and let some natural light in.  It's very rare for me to be home during the day without having my blinds open and I usually just have natural light in the house during the day until it gets dark.  There is just something about the sunshine coming into my home that is like a breath of fresh air.

At night I love to utilize my lamps.  Lamps and throw pillows are a particular obsession of mine.  My lamps create a warm glow in all the rooms of my home that my overhead lights just can not create.  This for my makes my home feel so inviting and lovely. 

3.  Decorate seasonally

This step is not for everyone but if you do enjoy decorating, like I do,  then you will really love this.  Christmas is the big time of year when every room in our home is dripping with sparkle and bows of holly but for every other season the mantle is what will be on display.  Our living room is the center of our home.  Quite literally it is in the center of our floor plan.  So this is why I love to coordinate my decorations for each season for my mantle.  It is the first thing that everyone sees when they come in our front door and the room where we spend most of our time.  

This also gives my the chance to exercise my creative outlet.  The possibilities for creativity are endless. 

If you do not have a mantle in your home you can decorative a sofa table in your home or even add small seasonal items to end tables. 

4.  Declutter

Buckle down and bring some organization to your space.  When I say buckle down I am more talking to myself than to you.  Organizing is not my favorite thing to do... depending on the circumstances.  Having an organized home however helps the home to run more efficiently and with less stress.

I'm really bad about getting something out and then absent mindedly laying said item down with the good intention of putting it away later.... fast forward a week and said item is still on the kitchen table or the top of my jewelry chest.

Challenge yourself to keep your clutter under control.  I promise you will feel exceptionally lighter and life in your home will run more smoothly.

5.  Have a sanctuary

Find that special place in your home that calms and relaxes you.  For me my escape from the world is my bathtub and my bedroom.  Our bedroom is so serene and calming.  The grey walls complimented by pale shades of blue are so inviting at the end of the work day.  It's the perfect environment for me to wind down at night, read a book, or do my bible study.

This is the area in my home that I strive to keep decluttered.  Keep the sanctuary in your home decluttered and organized so you have this escape in your home.  It's so important for me to keep this place free of debris so that I can recharge and maintain my sanity.

These are just a few things that I like to practice to help me love our home a little more everyday.  Take a tour of my home and see a visual of all 5 tips.

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