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Monday, August 17, 2015

Survive the Summer

Even though football season is just around the corner we still have weeks of summer ahead of us.  If your like me the humidity and heat tend to take a tole on your beauty regime.  Let's be honest the month of August can seem like one long, never ending, up hill battle.

Here are 5 tips to help in your beauty battle:

1.  Prime time
To help set and make sure that my makeup stays as fresh looking as possible I use a primer prior to applying my foundation.  This helps to ensure that I have the smooth fined lines, cover any minor imperfections in skin tone, as well as maintain and prolong that fresh "just applied" look.  This is also on of my favorite drug store steals!

2.  Pump it up
If you are naturally curly then humidity is not your friend, sister.  Trust me when I say that I can completely relate.  So, in these blistering burning months I try to embrace the my natural frizz.  I bust out my mousse and diffuser and go to town.  This always helps tame my Roseanne Roseanndanna.

4.  Pull it together
The "doo doo ball" is one of my signature go to favorites.  Slap a fun french braid down the side to pull in all those sweet wispies.  This is a fun and keep cool hairstyle.

5. Pop of color
During the summer I love to polish my nails with pretty bright colors.  A fresh coat of polish is the cherry on top of any outfit and a must accessory for the summer.

And for you ladies who color your hair check out Madison-Reed. Com. Take their color quiz and find out what color would work great for you!

What have been some of your beauty saviors this summer?

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