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Friday, May 2, 2014

High Five

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1|  If you missed my post yesterday then you missed out on a huge announcement.  My sponsorship page is now up and running.  Woo hoo for me investing in one of my passions.

2|  A few days ago I stumbled upon the most precious little gem of a store; a little furniture consignment  store in West Conway called Trio's.  I actually popped in to look for a bombay chest for my future sister but instead I FINALLY found what I've been looking for.  Well, not exactly but sometimes I really don't know what I am truly looking for until I see it.  Here it is y'all.

Originally I wanted a piece, like this, to use as a china cabinet in our dining room.  However, now I'm having other ideas for this sweet lovely.  I can't wait to see where it fits best in our home.

3|  I had a little mini "staycation" this week.  One of the dentist I work for was out of town so the hygienist took turns working this week.  I had my regular Monday off but then also had Tuesday and Wednesday off.  To say that I enjoyed myself would be a massive understatement!  

4|  One more point in my favor for being a housewife.  B walked in, Tuesday evening after work, to me in the kitchen skewering vegetables and venison for our kabobs.  With a surprised look on his face he says "man you sure are a great housewife".  I replied "I know right".  This just further solidifies that I am called to be a "stay at home".

5| This week our church was blessed to be able to help three families who lost everything in this past Sunday's tornado.  The clean up process is still going on and will continue for some time to come.  Please continue to pray for all those families affected and for those who lost loved ones.

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