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Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Things on this Fabulous Friday

1|  Less than one month from now B and I will be celebrating our second anniversary.  How is that even possible?  It really doesn't seem real.  Hopefully I will get to around to writing about our engagement soon.  Until then check out how we met (here)... It's pretty great!

2|  B and I have started a new workout plan and have actually been to the gym three times this week.  I know that may not sound like a big deal but around here it surely is and to say my body is feeling every bit of those three workouts is an understatement.

3|  This... enough said!

4|  My new glasses and contacts came in this week.  Praise the Lord for new contacts!  I have been on my last pair since well before deer season opened this last fall.  B is not the biggest fan of the new rims but they were just too completely precious to pass up... black rims and turquoise earpieces= must have fab.

5| Monday I found out that a group of ladies will be starting Beth Moore's new siesta summer bible study "Children of the Day".  The whole shindig kicks off on June 2nd and I can not wait to see what God does through this study and this amazing group of ladies.  If y'all would like to join or would like more information check out Beth's blog.

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Hope your Friday is full of sunshine 


  1. Ooooh girl I'm loving your glasses! Super cute! And I started working out more over the past couple of weeks... but then I started getting painful contractions. Lol sooooo that kind of ended. Oh well- I'll jump back on the bandwagon after the kiddo gets here. ;)

    Have a great weekend, friend!

    1. Great idea to stop that working out! Little man doesn't need to be making his big debut just yet. i'm loving all of your updates on precious Emmet and can not wait to see pictures when he arrives!

      Y'all have a blast this weekend!


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