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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

 On July 18, 2010 I woke up completely and utterly exhausted.   The night before I had completed my final night of competition in the Miss Arkansas pageant.  My feet throbbed, my spray tan was beginning to fade in spots, and I was wearing makeup from the night before.  I sound lovely don't I.

Since both of our families were together (because of the pageant) we decided to visit one of mine and B's favorite "day date" spots in Hot Springs, Garvan Woodland Gardens.  Little did I know that this particular visit would change my life.

Remember how I told you I was exhausted?  Well,  to say that I was in a piss poor mood is putting it WAY too lightly.  I was totally horrible!  I was hot, my feet hurt, wah wah wah!  I'm truly surprised B did not hightail it out of dodge.  He was so sweet though and went ahead with all of his plans despite my disgruntles.

On the half moon bridge  over looking the koi pond B got down on one knee.  Commence REAL ugly cry.

 We knew we would have a long engagement... thanks to me and my school but it gave us plenty of time to plan, choose the perfect season for engagement photos, and for me to take pictures in my wedding dress in every season and setting (yes I did buy it two years in advance).

B and I were engaged for nearly two years before we finally said "I do" but having a longer engagement allowed for us to have the most amazing engagement photos with the most amazing photography studio, Strain Photography.

We chose October of 2012.  The leaves were beginning to turn gorgeous colors and mums were in full bloom.  We chose to do a casual set, a vintage, and of course razorbacks/golf.

 In the vintage photos we used family heirlooms for our props and the dress and hat I am wearing were my grandmother's.  The dress is actually the same one that she was married in.

All of our time planning and the special touches made our engagement so much more special and precious.  It was such a fun and exciting time in our lives that I truly treasure.  FYI... B has not hightailed it yet!


  1. What gorgeous pictures and a sweet engagement story! So glad I found you through the Blog Baton!


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