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Friday, December 20, 2013

Tis the Season for a Christmas Date Night!!

If your like me... this time of year is a tad crazy and you might often find yourself balancing, spinning, and conquering at least 35 different things at once.  But in all of the hullabaloo don't forget to take a minute to stope and stare at the lights..... or plan an awesome date night!!!

Here are some awesome Christmas themed date ideas for the thrifty financially conscious or for a night out of the house Have I done all of these, well no but I'd sure love to!

The Holiday Inn

Sometimes my favorite date nights are the ones spent at home.  These can be so much fun... not dressing up or fixing your hair ladies!!

Christmas pajamas are a necessity for this date so bust out those flannels or your fuzzy pink bunny onesie and cuddle up for the night.

Plan a fun Christmas snack to make together. I found this super easy "fool proof" recipe on pinterest.  
 White Christmas Snack Mix

This White Christmas snack mix is a definite guarantee to make your date night sweet and it's so simple.

Plan a movie marathon.  Pick out your favorite Christmas movies, make some hot chocolate, grab a bowl of white Christmas snack mix and bundle up for the ultimate Christmas movie marathon.  
Here is my ultimate Christmas movie marathon list:

I love this movie line up because you have a great selection of classics but always a few of my favorite Christmas comedies to give a light happy hearted feel to your night.

I hope you enjoy your Holiday Inn date night!! Check back again for the Christmas date night: One Horse Open Sleigh edition!!

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