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Monday, December 23, 2013

Date Night: One Horse Open Sleigh Edition


So in the Natural State you probably will not be dashing through the snow in a little gem like above.  But if you are in a more northern state, that does get snow, there are a TON of places that you can take actual sleigh rides.

However, if you call one of the great southern states home there are many great alternatives to a sleigh ride!  I used Bing to locate many horse and carriage services in my area.  In central Arkansas, alone, there are at least a dozen services.  Many of them are readily available in downtown Little Rock and will take you on a tour through the river market.  I also located many services in Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.  Both of these cities are precious gems in the Natural State!

So for this date night...

Find a carriage or sleigh ride service near you.  Book in advance if this option is available.  Grab a fluffy blanket (I've noticed that some carriages do have blankets... but lets be honest.. do you really know who's been wrapped in it) alrighty... with that point proven don't forget to BYOB (bring your own blanket).

Grab a Starbucks for the ride.  There's just something happy about a hot red cup of hot chocolate or the perfect latte.

Now just cuddle up and enjoy the scenery! 

Check back soon for Date Night: Dashing through the snow edition

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