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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas is HERE!!!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year!!! 

I love how cheery everything is and LOVE to spend time with family!!
I also fully embrace the commercialism of decorating.....  Wrong?

I don't think so as long as you remember what we truly celebrate this time of year!

Here is a little preview of the little cheery pretties around our home!

Our tree is peacock themed....

I've used a mixture of blue, lime, and accents in gold

I used a crown topper as well and glittered sticks and the peacock stems, seen above, to complete the topper for the tree.

I used regular garland for our mantle.
It is accented in purple lights and trimmed with green, red, and yellow, plaid deco mesh.

Deco mesh is such a GREAT and super easy filler.... and it adds SO SO much!!

Our stockings are hung by these super cute hangers that I found at TJ MAXX!!
(the glitter is a bit messy but is so cute and reflects the light from the Christmas lights!

How Happy!!

I made this ornament Christmas banner originally for our mantle.... then later realized that I couldn't hang our stockings with it on the mantle.

It says "Christ is born"

It now hangs over the entry way into our dining room.

Our dining room decorations

This is one of my favorite new additions this year!!
My mother-in-law found this precious Christmas village for me!

And it looks absolutely wonderful on our buffet!!

Our Kitchen table!

I love keeping the table set during the holidays!

I mean.... I only get to use these dishes for one month out of the year!
I want to be able to see them all the time!!
No sense in keeping all of them put up in the cabinet. 

I found this cute Santa pedestal bowl at Sam's last year!
It makes for a great center piece!

I've placed a candle down into the bowl as well as my Christmas serving wear!

This is one of the happiest pieces in our home!
I used a string of LED multicolored lights and embellished it in a very happy, brightly striped, deco mesh!!
Which now adorns our happy yellow hutch!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my vintage porcelain tree!!
And it looks fab on my kitchen counter.

No home is complete without mistletoe!!

 Since we've FINALLY, well almost, completed B's "man room" I decided it needed a tree too!!
Plus... the room has a window that could display the tree! lol

So B got his Razorback/sports tree!!

I used a plain red deco mesh and also a red and black striped deco mesh.
I put it on the tree in a spiral fashion so maybe it looks a bit more manly.

I've so enjoyed all of our trees and decorations this year!! 
I LOVE LOVE decorating and can't wait to add some more glitz and glitter next year!!

Dont' forget that Jesus is a only reason we celebrate Christmas!
I hope your Christmas is incredibly wonderful and filled with the true blessings that this seasons brings!!

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