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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who's Ready?

Tonight marks the first night of competition for the Miss Arkansas pageant!!!
(applaud now)

It's now been 3 years since I last competed
Commence to reminiscing...  

First year

 talent night
I sang Trouble from Smokey Joe's Cafe
*Note the feather hairpiece!! I wear it to the grocery store regularly!! Not really but I might!*
Evening gown
My two precious princesses

Year Two
Yay for Group A!!
This year I drew for the number 1 position.... So technically I had the highest score for a period of time! lol

 Talent Night
I sang Anway by Martina McBride
Getting ready for evening gown competition
 My sweet Diamond state princess 
She competes in the outstanding teen division now
Competing in my very own custom Tony Bowls gown

Saturday and final night of competition 2010
I was so honored to have been voted Miss Congeniality!
This is still one of my biggest accomplishments in life!!

These memories from my two years of competing are some of my most treasured.  I accomplished and surpassed goals that had once been unimaginable to me.  I gained confidence and skills in presentation and public speaking that will continue to help me always.  But mainly I gained some of the greatest friendships that will last a lifetime!!

We also did compete in swimsuit but I decided to omit those photos... you understand!

Leave it to these two!!
My brother and husband (bf at the time)
They are just two peas in a pod!

There ya have, it my biggest accomplishments in all of my pageant years.
Can't wait to see our next Miss Arkansas crowned on Saturday night!

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