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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vacation Part 2

Grand Caymans!!!!

Hellooooo paradise!!
This island is absolutely so incredibly gorgeous.... and we got to see my brother, BONUS!!!!
My brother is in vet school in the Cayman's so this vacation/visit was very special!

 Before we even got there my mom had asked my brother if there was any excursion type of activity that he would recommend..... Sting Ray City was the winner!

 There is a distinct reason that I am clinging to B in all of these pictures
and for those of you sharp tongued devils.... yes I could in fact touch the bottom!

 All of these sting rays were swimming around and apparently they "make friends" by sneaking up behind you and rubbing against your legs.
Well... that didn't sit too well with this lady... Refer to exhibit A above!
That's a framer right there!

But we all did kiss one so theres 7 years of good luck for me!!
 At this point I was sick as a dog and just wanted God to grow me some land in the middle of the ocean.
The starfish were so fun though and what was even more amazing was watch the man hang on to the back of the boat (it was moving) until he saw some on the ocean floor and then dove down to get them.

This was truly an amazing trip and if you have never been... Add it to your bucket list PRONTO!!!

Y'all have a great and fun weekend!


  1. Seems you all guys had so much fun! My beach is calling me splash.
    Found your blog from Whitney's blog! ;D

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

    1. We had a ton of fun, Areeba!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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