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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great Intentions

Ok y'all I can not count how many times in the last month I've said "I want to be a runner" or " I will be a runner someday".
My aspirations are great and all but I'm only on day 2 of "being a runner", that counts right, of course it does!!!
Go on with your bad self, self!!

Any who..... it's only day two and my legs feel like that might spontaneously combust at any moment!!

It's a slight act of congress for me to even get down to the floor to play with Tippy.  If I don't brace just right and have my timing synchronized with the rate that I'm falling.... well you remember Humpy Dumpty right.  
Those poor King's horses and men.

I swear y'all I'm not a lazy bum!! I did use to workout.... notice what happened there? 
Past tense.
I've had a slightly sedentary lifestyle since B and I got married....
Busy with school, come home and cook, clean, do laundry (at least a 12 step process for me), spend some QT with the hubs, study, then bed.
So yea yea I just pulled the whole "I didn't have time card", who hasn't?

Alrighty I'll cave!!
Half of my problem is I love my couch time

and yes my comfy clothes..... possibly being completed by a Coke over ice 

I'm not the most healthy person in the world but I do try to be conscious of what I eat.... did you catch that?

I'm a total junk food connoisseur!!
If its deep fried, wrapped in bacon, or smothered in ketchup buddy I want to get me some of that!!

Be proud though ladies.... I've only had 1 sweet tea in the past two days and NO Cokes!!!

Snaps for ME!!!!

So maybe I'll never be the "runner" that I imagine to be but I've got great intentions and good hair!!! 

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