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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Confessions of a Guilty Pleasure

Alrighty...... Flashback
A few weeks ago I saw a preview for a new show on Lifetime and just knew I had to see at least the premiere! 

Come back to present day.... I'm still watching 
Half of the time I can not believe these women but I can NOT pull my eyes away!
I watch in enamored amazemet!
Or shock!! lol


Every Tuesday evening you know where to find me! Maybe it's the fact that they are southern women and absolutely fabulous looking moms......
But I think it's more along the lines of:
1. They make me feel better about my dysfunctional life.
2. They don't have any reserve when dropping a "Bless Her Heart!!"

It's an all out mom war every week!! 

Congrats to my mom and all the moms out there for keeping your little humans alive!!

DISCLAIMER: In no way do the actions portrayed on this show represent the entire southern mom population.

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