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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Tunes

I've literally been singing this song ever since I saw the movie months ago!!
It's truly amazing!! I LOVE to crank it as loud as possible in my car and belt at the top of my lungs!!

Leslyn's Lovely Life
Y'all enjoy this FABULOUS Tuesday
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  1. Great song! I love musicals.
    Thank you for linking up with us.

  2. Thanks for linking up!

    Not gonna lie - I haven't seen the movie yet. Or the play. Or any of it. Guess I should get on that. :)

  3. A fabulous choice! The harmonies are simply soul-stirring. I'm still in awe of the film 6 months later!

  4. love, love, love Les Mis!! Saw the show twice years ago, the new movie twice and saw the traveling show in January. Our girls are still singing all the songs as well! :) Cute blog. Found you through Friend Connect Blog Hop.


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