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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinning.... slightly confused

I'm linking up again with Michelle at the vintage apple for my most favorite link up of the week!!!
This week I was apparently slightly confused with holidays..... but I can absolutely not wait until Christmas!!!

Happy Hump Day y'all!!!!!


  1. haha dont worry i am more excited for christmas than any other holiday also!! stopping by from the linkup :)

    xo Britta

  2. I can't wait 'till Christmas either! I was excited for Halloween, but it's been quiet tonight:( it's over, soooo Christmas, hurry up! :)
    Newest follower from the hop! Stop by and follow back if you like:)

  3. Girl my last two posts today and yesterday have been about Christmas! I am about to have a fit to decorate! I say, embrace it and bring it onnnn! ;)

    1. Girl my tree is already up and lit!!!!! I couldn't wait!


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