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Monday, October 29, 2012

In Review

I can't believe that a new week is already beginning!!
SERIOUSLY!!! Where did the weekend go?

Thursday evening I left Memphis with four of my best friends to head out to Greenwood MS.
We attended the Mid-South dental hygiene convention on friday and drove back that evening.

At this point strap on your seatbelt because the weekend is about the get busy and FLY by!!!

 Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30 to head out to Mid-town for Jesus Loves Memphis.
We worked with a few of the members of our life group at Sea Isle park doing grounds work and maintenance.
We had such an awesome time working and serving the community!!

 Saturday evening we had our Life group fall fest!! 
So..... after getting home from working I started the crock pot of white chili, we took a quick nap, and got ready to head to Somerville.

 Those who know me well know I'm ADDICTED to hair bows/headbands/headpieces
So I improvised one of my old bandanas and a headband/bow
COMPLETELY perfect for any fall festivity!!!! 

I tried out the new panoramic setting on my iphone.
It's a little dark but I love it!!

Sunday we went to worship with our church family at Bellevue.

We had a BUSY BUSY weekend but Logan and I had the best time serving the city of Memphis and fellowshipping with our life group and church family!

I hope y'all all are having a fabulous start to the week!!!!

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