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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween.... Dental Hygiene style


To celebrate our class chose to dress up today since we weren't in clinic.
I sported my duck hunter wear!!

This was my favorite costume of the day!!
Note my favorite part...
Hair: Yes
Eyes: Two
HAHAHA!!!! Amanda is too funny

We do such a great job paying attention in class

Remember that getting candy is SOO much fun.... trust me I have a major weakness for tootsie rolls (I've eaten 35 today and in just one sitting... SSHHHHH)
But don't forget to clean all the stinky and yummy goodness off your teeth once you get finished.
Take care of those pretty pearlies!!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

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  1. CUUTEE costumes!! I'm new here and just LOVE your blog!! Excited to keep reading:)
    ps. new follower here!


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